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YFSPharma is a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Buffalo, NY. With our team of leading scientists, YFSPharma is dedicated to developing only the highest quality products.



At YFS Pharma we have leading scientists that are here to fully test your products before & after the manufacturing process.

We are a registered GMP manufacturer, and can produce pharmaceutical OTC, and cosmetic products. We handle everything from the development of our products to the commercial scale manufacturing of them.

Handling the product sales after manufacturing is completed can be left in our hands. As our leading sales group can manage the sales & growth on all products. 



Established in 2017, YFS Pharma, Inc. manufactures, tests, and introduces specialty Over-the-Counter, and Cosmetic products. 

Our cGMP manufacturing and analytical facilities support the development of our early clinical and commercial products.

Our streamlined processes facilitate timely production of the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Our emphasis is on quality manufacturing and development for our new technologies.

The professional and responsive staff at YFS Pharma has a track record of success and is committed to developing long-term relationships with customers by providing high-quality products for various types of people. 

We have an unwavering commitment to providing quality products that exceeds our clients’ and regulators’ expectations.


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Implementing an effective quality management system will enhance our company’s ability to achieve our long-term business objectives, while continuously improving our commitment to product quality.

Environmental Health And Safety (EHS)

We manage our environmental, health and safety issues in accordance with the following principles:

  • We comply fully with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.
  • We strive to meet and exceed voluntary environmental initiatives where existing laws and regulations are not adequate.
  • We have established a comprehensive environmental management system to monitor and prevent activities that could have an adverse impact on the environment and human health.
  • We reinforce our commitment to the prevention of pollution to our employees through continuous training on environmental health and safety issues.
  • We communicate our environmental commitment to our community, our customers, and our vendors, in an effort to stress the importance of a collective effort for the preservation of the environment and to the conservation of natural resources. ​

We work continuously to improve our environmental management system and environmental awareness in all of our activities.





Head Office

485 Cayuga Road,
Buffalo, NY 14225

Toll-Free: (866) 265 – 6105
Local: (716) 204 – 7215


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